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Some tips on how to prepare for writing an analytical essay

Writing an analytical essay is not an easy task, especially if this is your first time encountering it.

1. You need to understand for yourself what is the subject of an analytical essay.

As a rule, such an essay contains an in-depth analysis of a certain problem or presents an opinion based - on a specific fact. Often you have to analyze Set a clear goal Up [ check out this one from - ] literary - work or film, but you may also be asked about the main idea or problem. To cope with this, you need to divide the task into several components and provide arguments taken either from a book / film, or that have arisen from your research and support your opinion.

2.Decide what you will write about.

If you are completing an assignment for a lesson, then the teacher, as a rule, has already determined a topic (or topics) for you. Read the assignment carefully. What are you being asked to do? Sometimes you have to choose your own topic.

3.Of course, you cannot immediately come up with a thesis - even after choosing a topic. And this is normal! Think about the topic, look at it from different angles.

4.Start with a thesis statement.

A thesis is a sentence or a few sentences that summarizes your statements in an essay. The thesis should tell the reader what will be discussed in your work.

5.Find additional arguments.

View the material you are working with. A book, film, and scientific materials that complement your statement can be used to support the thesis statement. List the secondary arguments, mark the pages on which they are placed, and find out how they support your opinion.

6.Write an essay plan. The plan will help you structure your essay and make it easier to write. As a rule, an analytical essay consists of an introduction, three paragraphs of the main part and a conclusion, but many teachers require longer and more detailed essays. Organize the plan accordingly.

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